Apartment Living

Apartment living in your favourite city? Please yourself, create a sanctuary, home is your place, kick off your shoes, wrap yourself in a silk kimono and sip Proseco while you plan that 10 day shopping trip to NY.  Below is a lot of luxe! Yes some pieces have silly price tags and seem a little OTT but I say mix it up ... shop high end for a key piece, shop Ikea if you can bare it (I can't), scour Ebay, search on Gumtree, seek out interesting art work or delicious prints from Print Darling , go to your local garage sale. Start collecting clever pieces, think outside of the square to create this look. Teamed with almost black floorboards and you have made your mark on your abode and created somewhere beautiful to dwell. Still can't mange to pull it together? then chat to me. Below is a little inspiration created for Ms G 🖤 

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 11.34.49 am.png