Apartment Living

Apartment living in your favourite city? Please yourself, create a sanctuary, home is your place, kick off your shoes, wrap yourself in a silk kimono and sip Proseco while you plan that 10 day shopping trip to NY.  Below is a lot of luxe! Yes some pieces have silly price tags and seem a little OTT but I say mix it up ... shop high end for a key piece, shop Ikea if you can bare it (I can't), scour Ebay, search on Gumtree, seek out interesting art work or delicious prints from Print Darling , go to your local garage sale. Start collecting clever pieces, think outside of the square to create this look. Teamed with almost black floorboards and you have made your mark on your abode and created somewhere beautiful to dwell. Still can't mange to pull it together? then chat to me. Below is a little inspiration created for Ms G 🖤 

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 11.34.49 am.png

Saffron Inspired

Sometimes a colour stays with me for days. Saffron is one of them. What a fabulous colour ..... pairs beautifully with shades of browns and dark greys. This week is dedicated to Saffron thanks to a Client who saw the colour in  previous blog. It's not everywhere which makes it even more desirable.

Interior Styling

Creating a room takes time, allow yourself to try different items, looks and colours. Use a rug, artwork, cushion, light fitting, view or object to inspire you and provide a starting point to your room. Retire and store items seasonally or if you are a little tired of them and re-introduce later to refresh your home.

Still stuck? Ask us for guidance ... we customize all our work to suit the Client

Autumn Colours

We are well and truly heading towards winter and surrounded by the beautiful colours of Autumn.  Our moodboard below reminds us that the cooler weather isn't so bad after all and that there is much to admire in the colour palette of Mother Nature especially when it comes to Autumn colours.

Christmas Monday Mood Board

Welcome to the official Christmas month!!!  Yes decorations have been tempting us in store for a while now already but you can really feel that its time to start preparing the house for Christmas.  We developed this Scandi Style/natural, Christmas Monday mood board to get you inspired and excited about the festive season - go forth and conquer!

Monday Mood Board - Bold & Bright Interior Colour

With the arrival of colourful spring blooms our spirits start to lift as we start dreaming of the long warm days of summer to come.  We start to think about freshening up our homes and perhaps adding some bold and bright colour to our interiors to match our mood.  

However you add bright colour to your homes, whether it be paint, wallpaper, rugs, art, cushions or even flowers you've got to admit it gets the pulse racing and puts a smile on your face :-)

Monday Mood Board - White Exteriors

We think a bold white exterior can compliment a modern home so beautifully. It lets the architecture do the talking and allows light and shade falling across the walls to let the angles, shapes and design features stand out.

Surrounding a white house with the lushness of tropical greens provides a contrast but at the same time softens the look of the home and gives it the kind of appeal that makes you want to discover what is going on inside.

Dwell In a Day

We often write about other businesses on the NSW South Coast in locations such as Milton, Berry, Gerringong, Kiama, Port Kembla, Coledale and Thirroul. We write about boutiques, cafes, florists .... we have an extensive list of 'must see' places but we're not telling what's next - not yet!

So I figured we should write a little about ourselves and some of what we do. When we visit a Client we ask them about who lives in the home, what their lifestyle is like, what their interests are, what colours they like & it's important to know what they don't like too! We look at the orientation of the house, sunlight, environment & the age of the house. The client often gives us a full tour of their home, sometimes a cup of coffee & then we get our brief. Usually the Client has a good idea of what they want but ... well ... they're a bit stuck!

Being so familiar with your own home it's often refreshing to get someone else to cast their eye over the conundrum, offer their educated opinion, gather their advise and set off in a renewed direction.

Compilation by Dwell South Coast

Compilation by Dwell South Coast

Alternatively Clients can come to one of our Work Shops. These gatherings are a mix of home owners, renovators and lovers of  homewares. Below are some mood boards put together during a WorkShop we held earlier in the year in Berry

Image by Dwell South Coast

Image by Dwell South Coast

Image by Dwell South Coast

Image by Dwell South Coast