What do you love?

What’s your style? Lots of people say they don’t know …. that’s ok! Most peeps know what they don’t like so that’s a good starting point. From stating what you can’t stand you often are able to figure out what you do like even if it doesn’t get a specific style name! Who wants to live in a categorised box anyway!

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Kinship ~ 2018 Colour Trends by Dulux

Colour + Words ~ well combined SELL. It's true!  Dulux has used words such as Kinship and Essential to name their collection of colours for 2018 released in 2017. It's such powerful stuff. How about the words "The Dulux Colour trends 2018 harness the power of colour to balance the complex challenges of everyday life" ~  Really? Ok let's have some ......

Dulux words ~ Kinship is a celebration of cultural heritage with fresh, contemporary overtures and colours that have been brought together to lift you up and cocoon you in. 

My words ~ Kinship would be really easy to combine and get it terribly wrong! It could be one folksy mess. A few years back Dwell had a Client with 18 colours in the one house! True story. We were called in to 'fix' the problem by making some white. This was a much tougher job than it sounds.  

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.37.41 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.44.30 pm.png

*All images via Dulux 

In the Library

Dwell's Library {always expanding}

So why does anyone buy a book. You like the Author? The writing is easy to read & informative? It's relevant? The cover is pretty? The photographs 'get you'!  It looks good on the coffee table? It's overall aesthetically pleasing .... Um yep, CHECK. 

Get yourself a book .... read don't scroll ;)

Saffron Inspired

Sometimes a colour stays with me for days. Saffron is one of them. What a fabulous colour ..... pairs beautifully with shades of browns and dark greys. This week is dedicated to Saffron thanks to a Client who saw the colour in  previous blog. It's not everywhere which makes it even more desirable.

The Teenager's Retreat

Fussing on the kid's bedrooms starts with the nursery .... goes on through the pre-school & primary school years and then takes an ugly turn for the teenage years! This does not have to happen if you are a constant rearranger/decorator {I am} therefore boy wonder is not surprised to come home to a clean, rearranged room with a different colour scheme/wallpaper or mountain peaks painted on the walls.

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One of my Favourites - Eccentric Homes


I wonder if my most recent + again renewed interest in bohemian & eccentric styling in homes stems from a rebellion against main stream, commercialism, Scandi and trends. We've seen a whole array of deer heads recently .... paper ones, cardboard ones, wooden ones and before that we had owls, flamingoes & pineapples - lol that was fun to write!

So here's an addition to Dwell's Library, 'ECCENTRIC HOMES' .... by the way this style is one that you cannot go out and create in a flash. It's ever evolving, gathering momentum, a story of your life really :) 

A bit about Dwell South Coast 2016

Our Business - Your Choice

Everything about decorating your home is personal. Do you shop thrifty, buy local, do you like IKEA, is it handmade, is it high end all the way and is it the 'real deal' such as original artwork {see top right of moodboard for local South Coast Artist Becky Guggisberg}. Personally I like to mix it up - oh but having said that i don't buy 'high end'. Anyway it's not about me! 

In a nutshell our business is about helping and guiding Clients through the sea of choices in colour, furniture & home accessories to create a comfortable home that reflects them - easy! No it's not!

Moodboard created by Dwell South Coast

Moodboard created by Dwell South Coast

So what do you, as a Client, choose and what do you buy? You figure that bit out with us guiding you through consultations, receiving our Dwell Decorating Plan or Colour & Interior Specifications Report. Depending on the depth of detail you require & how much time is allocated to your Project, the range of research & travel depends on the cost.  We don't make you buy things - but we have very good reasons for the path we've taken in compiling reports for you & love it when the Client says 'I'm doing it all' !