What do you love?

I love to mix things up! I get very bored of the same old thing. The man in my house used to come home and say 'oh I didn't know we needed to paint that table'  and 'oh you've changed things around'. Now he says nothing! Yep he just walks around the changes as if they were always there :) - that's the way I say!

The image below caught my eye 👁 it says so much to me.

Dark walls but lots of light ~ this is something we can do living here in the Southern hemisphere. Overall we Aussie love our white walls. That's just how it is. We love light, spacious rooms, kitchens that transition to decks that then flow to the garden. We are not fans of dark, moody rooms. So if you have lots of natural light experiment with dark paint. 

Paintings! Big oversized paintings with collectables - YES please.  The one pictured below is by Vibeke Jerkaas Schelin.  Not sure what you like? Start looking .... go to your local Gallery, go to the State Gallery, go to the National Gallery. Look around you .... our pub displays local artwork at very affordable prices. Try to buy original or prints of local, limited editions and the unusual. Artwork featured below by Vibeke Jerkaas. 

And the styling in this image is fabulous ~ at home you will call this 're-arranging'. I don't mean to take away from Stylists I'm just saying you can give it a go! Move your crap around, dust, chuck things out, get inspired by pics on Pinterest. It's not hard to give your rooms a new lease on life. I love the combinations below  - old with new, various sizes, leather + velvet = gorgeous

I could live here    

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.12.48 pm.png

I wondered where this image came from .... so I did a bit of delving through Google and it comes up on the European Ikea website.  Photo and styling @madebytonia