Book Alert - White Rooms

Dwell has been waiting for the release of White Rooms ever since we got a 'sniff' of it in the wind and I was lucky enough to attend a 'long table discussion' about the book at Murobond Paint with Karen McCartney and David Harrison just after launch night.

It was fantastic to have the concept of the book explained and the reason behind the choice of images to go into the book.

Written by Karen McCartney founding editor of Inside Out magazine along with husband David Harrison we go on a journey with the authors into the world of white and how to apply it successfully to our interiors.  Specific homes across the globe are featured and it was wonderful to hear Karen speak about the owners, why they used white, what they think of it now and more importantly how it makes them feel.

Photographer Richard Powers captures the essence of white interiors beautifully showing us how to harness it and use it without fear and in fact it was the images that really inspired the book.  Karen poured over images from Richard's years of photography and the book revealed itself through the images.

While it is about the home, it's also about the interest and visual depth created by objects, art and furniture.

I loved the idea that architecture creates interesting angles, heights and depths and that white enhances the detail of the space.  As much as white can be used to hide too much fussiness within an interior it can also highlight unique features.

A perfect book to add to our collection!  All images in this blog post by Richard Powers.