Trend Alert - Flamingo Fever

You probably are already aware of the latest trend - flamingo fever!  Love it or hate it - it's taking over.  I kind of like it's quirkiness, I used to love seeing them parked on peoples front lawns in the 70's along with the big butterfly on the wall next to the front door.  I remember thinking that the people who lived in THOSE houses were so exotic and must have been very well travelled to even know such birds existed!  So how do you use this current trend?  Well of course it's totally up to you but the image below gave me a little inspiration...

image via est magazine November 2012

image via est magazine November 2012

Love that eclectic look, so I pulled together a few items and threw them into a mood board… now it's up to you to take what you like or leave what you like but my favourite would have to be number 2 - how cute is that outfit???

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.42.09 AM.png

1. Flamingo Tea Towel at $20

2. Mud Pie girls T-shirt and Nappy Cover

3. Flamingo Novelty Cushion at Domayne $19.95

4. Embroidered Dress Slippers at

5. Flamingo Cushion by Vavoom $140 for a set of 2

6. Lawn Flamingo at $39.95

7. Retro Tropical Pink Toile by Brick House Fabric

8. Adidas Neo Flamingo Heart T Shirt