The Teenager's Retreat

Fussing on the kid's bedrooms starts with the nursery .... goes on through the pre-school & primary school years and then takes an ugly turn for the teenage years! This does not have to happen if you are a constant rearranger/decorator {I am} therefore boy wonder is not surprised to come home to a clean, rearranged room with a different colour scheme/wallpaper or mountain peaks painted on the walls. Start early then they should not object (too much) in those ugly hormonal years. Having said that I did nearly break my back moving furntiure to then have Mr 9 come home a few years back and have an anxiety attack about the bed placement {unable to see out the door} & then had to undo my work ;(

Then they get to an age where they (or you) want to see less of each other .... let's welcome the teenage retreat. Wall below by by Pick a Wall - adhesive wallpaper - YIP. Other items not difficult to find if you get my drift.