Apartment Living

Apartment living in your favourite city? Please yourself, create a sanctuary, home is your place, kick off your shoes, wrap yourself in a silk kimono and sip Proseco while you plan that 10 day shopping trip to NY.  Below is a lot of luxe! Yes some pieces have silly price tags and seem a little OTT but I say mix it up ... shop high end for a key piece, shop Ikea if you can bare it (I can't), scour Ebay, search on Gumtree, seek out interesting art work or delicious prints from Print Darling , go to your local garage sale. Start collecting clever pieces, think outside of the square to create this look. Teamed with almost black floorboards and you have made your mark on your abode and created somewhere beautiful to dwell. Still can't mange to pull it together? then chat to me. Below is a little inspiration created for Ms G 🖤 

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 11.34.49 am.png

What do you love?

What’s your style? Lots of people say they don’t know …. that’s ok! Most peeps know what they don’t like so that’s a good starting point. From stating what you can’t stand you often are able to figure out what you do like even if it doesn’t get a specific style name! Who wants to live in a categorised box anyway!

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Interior Styling

Creating a room takes time, allow yourself to try different items, looks and colours. Use a rug, artwork, cushion, light fitting, view or object to inspire you and provide a starting point to your room. Retire and store items seasonally or if you are a little tired of them and re-introduce later to refresh your home.

Still stuck? Ask us for guidance ... we customize all our work to suit the Client

Peppermint Magazine

Dwell South Coast are all about finding the new and interesting so while waiting for coffee a few months ago at Blue Swimmer Cafe in Gerroa I picked up this magazine for a quick read.  It looked cute and quirky but it's so much more than that!  I had to go buy a copy immediately to share with my Dwellster buddy - why?  Cause it's full of the most awesome stuff that's why!

Basically its a lifestyle magazine but it's the actual lifestyle that it's promoting that really appealed.  Peppermint is all about STYLE - SUSTAINABILITY - SUBSTANCE covering subjects and issues such as waste, fair trade, charity, consumerism, self-belief, self improvement, environment, food and more.

It's a new take through fresh eyes about how we can live a more natural life with an awareness of what is going on around us and what we are putting into and onto ourselves.  It promotes buying and supporting local but also doing things for ourselves, growing our own, making our own and being kind to all around us including the place where we live.

The images are just beautiful, the articles inspiring, even the paper it is printed on is just so lovely and natural.  It really does make you think about how we are living our lives and what we are teaching those who come along behind us and the world we are leaving them to inherit.  It comes out quarterly but you can also get a taste at www.peppermintmag.com

 Written by the New Urban Hippy for Dwell South Coast.  All images via www.peppermintmag.com