This weeks Fab Five - Cushion Crush

Introducing the 'Fab Five'  - explanation being 'five things Dwell has a crush on this week'.  So lets begin shall we?  This week it's CUSHIONS, not just any cushion but 5 fab striped cushions - our pick of the summer stripes!

Our first fave is from a bold little number with 2 directional stripes and at $41 is a great buy!  This cushion is available in so many different stripes it will make your head spin! basketball fabric $41.jpg

Next we have the Target Kalais cushion with vertical stripes of natural and navy which weighs in at $20 - also available in taupe/natural.

target kalais $20.jpg

This little beauty is from Ikea so you can guess that it's going to be pretty inexpensive right?  RIGHT! It is a hefty (not) $8.99 an absolute bargain don't you think?  Both cheap and cheerful.


My favourite of the five has to be the Bonnie and Neil cushion below but it's a splurge… at $155 this is not one you'll be letting the dog sleep on but what an investment.  The colours are gorgeous and I love they way they are applied like giant brush strokes.  You have to remember that this cushion is handmade in Australia, made of the best quality linen, feather stuffed and the inks used are non-toxic.

bonnieand neil $155.jpg

And the final of the fab five this week is the Marcus cushion in yellow from Freedom.  I still call this a stripe even if it looks more two tone.  The colour is on trend and the price - wait for it…. $23.90 on sale NOW

Marcus-Cushion-freedom $23.9055x55cm-Yellow.jpg