PANTONE® Colour of the Year 2018

Did you guess it? Hmm I did not. I'm still a bit in love with Pantone® Colour of the year for 2017 Greenery. Shades of this yes (adding black) .... no tints please (adding white). Back in my Uni days I had purple Converse and they of course were OK 

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Shades of Blue

Blue is a favourite for many people. It can be calm, spiritual, edgy, cold, with light shades being friendly ... have you noticed the blue on FaceBook and Twitter?  

This is a collection of blue graffiti with some shots dating back to 2009. I have taken most of my street art photos with a Canon IXUS 130 + the  iPhone. The technique used - ‘point and shoot’.  My collection is called 'Random Graffiti' with a by-line of ’to capture before it’s erased’. It is about 500 images rich. This collection has stalled at 500 as I moved to the country + lost my 'finds'! Please feel free to copy the images and use as you wish ... it's street art so it's there to share x

Image via Dulux

Image via Dulux


Blue can evoke feelings of calmness, spirituality, security and trust. 

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