Summer in NZ...


One 'Dwellster' was lucky enough to head overseas for summer and enjoy warm days and balmy nights in Northland near the tip of the North Island of NZ.

Summer and seafood go hand in hand in this part of the world so getting out on the water was a priority.  This is Whangarei Harbour looking to Urquarts Bay below Mt Manaia.  Both daughters caught fish - snapper - yum!!  My tiddler had to be thrown back in sadly - I'll be back for it when it's a big beauty!

One highlight of our holiday was climbing this baby - Mt Manaia.  At 420 metres high it is quite a hike to the summit but so worth it!  The track is well maintained and sturdy steps lead you to the top.  Amazingly we bumped into old friends from our kids pre-school days on our way up (they were coming down) which was a lovely co-incidence and well timed for a bit of a breather...

Here are a couple of pics taken from the top of Mt Manaia, just stunning!

This pic was taken facing south, overlooking Marsden Pt Oil Refinery and down Bream Bay.  This was my stomping ground and was a great place to grow up.

The tides were pretty much perfect the whole time we stayed at One Tree Point where my parents live, this is the beach at the end of their cul-de-sac, (obviously here the tide is out) and we spent hours on this pontoon stretched out in the sun as well as swimming, kayaking and wandering up and down the small bays looking for somewhere to spread our towels...

We also spent happy hours here at the Marsden Cove Marina with family and friends dining under the full moon.

I got roped into helping to decorate the marquee and arranging all the flowers for the tables at our nieces wedding on my hubby's family farm... Dwell loves this kind of creativity!


The theme was vintage country and the barn doors behind the bridal table are from my Father-in-laws old red barn which blew down in the last big storm - repurposed as a backdrop they look great.  Speaking of which that cake!!!! How gorgeous is it??? Made and iced by the Bride's very clever sister and all I had to do was plop the flowers on!  The old-fashioned David Austin roses were all sourced locally, and the hydrangeas from Mother-in-Laws farm garden - simply stunning.

And here we all are, our entire family, we all made it to the wedding and it was fantastic that we could share the experience together as well has having an awesome holiday making memories together.  It's all the more special this shot because Grant and I had our wedding photos taken in the exact same spot more than 22 years ago with little Brad (now a husband and daddy) digging in the sand behind us.

So that's our summer, the first half of it anyway, hope you liked the photos!