Treasures in a Gelato Shop ...

Tucked away in the rear rooms of Il Locale Gelato in Berry is a boutique of handmade funky clothes, polymer clay jewellery and screen printed cushions. The designs are unique, the combination interesting and the people are lovely.


Geraldine Nortje owns, manages & sells her label 'Nortje' in the rooms of Il Locale  - loose linen clothes all dyed naturally created with a modern edge. Low crutch pants, hip linen overalls & loose fitting dresses ... and no-one in Berry does similar - welcome to town Geraldine ;)

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The creative and 'oh so different' polymer clay jewellery is made by Kerrie Oliver from 'Llyod Told George'. Kerrie has great names for her collections such as 'Lady don't Mind' and 'Out of the Woods' - cute !

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And the original, contemporary screen printed cushions are by Kim Raath of 'The Chroma Club'. Kim is committed to a sustainable eco-friendly production process - all the dyes used are water based and non-toxic, they are made in Australia & are unique - buy something no-one else has - dare ya

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Il Locale on Queen

Well done to Damien and Josie of Il Locale!

114 Queen Street, Berry is the home to the best coffee made from locally grown beans and also home to the best Gelato produced nearby at The Pines Dairy


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We just can't help loving the fabulous art work on the walls of Il Locale by Becky Guggisberg


What's your poison? lemon + ginger, strawberry, pistachio, cookies + fig?

oh so many choices + open 7 days - woo hoo to Il Locale Gelato