A bit about Dwell South Coast 2016

Our Business - Your Choice

Everything about decorating your home is personal. Do you shop thrifty, buy local, do you like IKEA, is it handmade, is it high end all the way and is it the 'real deal' such as original artwork {see top right of moodboard for local South Coast Artist Becky Guggisberg}. Personally I like to mix it up - oh but having said that i don't buy 'high end'. Anyway it's not about me! 

In a nutshell our business is about helping and guiding Clients through the sea of choices in colour, furniture & home accessories to create a comfortable home that reflects them - easy! No it's not!

Moodboard created by Dwell South Coast

Moodboard created by Dwell South Coast

So what do you, as a Client, choose and what do you buy? You figure that bit out with us guiding you through consultations, receiving our Dwell Decorating Plan or Colour & Interior Specifications Report. Depending on the depth of detail you require & how much time is allocated to your Project, the range of research & travel depends on the cost.  We don't make you buy things - but we have very good reasons for the path we've taken in compiling reports for you & love it when the Client says 'I'm doing it all' !

Beach Colours

Ahhh summer days are soon ending. This colour palette is inspired by NSW's beautiful far north coast. Colours are from Resene, they have 6000 online colours to chose from .... that's why you need us ;)  

Monday Mood Board - White Exteriors

We think a bold white exterior can compliment a modern home so beautifully. It lets the architecture do the talking and allows light and shade falling across the walls to let the angles, shapes and design features stand out.

Surrounding a white house with the lushness of tropical greens provides a contrast but at the same time softens the look of the home and gives it the kind of appeal that makes you want to discover what is going on inside.