10 Favourite Painted Floors

Painted floors can look fabulous or a little DIY (ouch) research your paint, choose your colour, prepare the boards, apply the paint according to the teeny tiny instructions on the can - let them DRY ;)

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Kinship ~ 2018 Colour Trends by Dulux

Colour + Words ~ well combined SELL. It's true!  Dulux has used words such as Kinship and Essential to name their collection of colours for 2018 released in 2017. It's such powerful stuff. How about the words "The Dulux Colour trends 2018 harness the power of colour to balance the complex challenges of everyday life" ~  Really? Ok let's have some ......

Dulux words ~ Kinship is a celebration of cultural heritage with fresh, contemporary overtures and colours that have been brought together to lift you up and cocoon you in. 

My words ~ Kinship would be really easy to combine and get it terribly wrong! It could be one folksy mess. A few years back Dwell had a Client with 18 colours in the one house! True story. We were called in to 'fix' the problem by making some white. This was a much tougher job than it sounds.  

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.37.41 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.44.30 pm.png

*All images via Dulux 

Base Paint

Take note .... Paint manufacturers have different base paints, then there are a range of bases generally 1 to 4 , then each manufacturer will vary the ingredients within their paint. So if you love a colour from 'UNREAL Paints' DO NOT get it made up by 'SUPER Paints'.

See the image below for variance in colour using different base paints .... uugghh. Just one coat of each and you can see the difference.   


Saffron Inspired

Sometimes a colour stays with me for days. Saffron is one of them. What a fabulous colour ..... pairs beautifully with shades of browns and dark greys. This week is dedicated to Saffron thanks to a Client who saw the colour in  previous blog. It's not everywhere which makes it even more desirable.

Add a little Pantone Greenery

So Greenery might be the colour of the year but how do I add it I hear you cry! Well, in your furnishings such as a green velvet lounge, in your homewares such as cushions or throws, adding a coloured vases to the table, paint a wall, paint your front door or as listed below hang wallpaper. All images below are from Australian based wallpaper specialist Eurowalls.   

One of my Favourites - Eccentric Homes


I wonder if my most recent + again renewed interest in bohemian & eccentric styling in homes stems from a rebellion against main stream, commercialism, Scandi and trends. We've seen a whole array of deer heads recently .... paper ones, cardboard ones, wooden ones and before that we had owls, flamingoes & pineapples - lol that was fun to write!

So here's an addition to Dwell's Library, 'ECCENTRIC HOMES' .... by the way this style is one that you cannot go out and create in a flash. It's ever evolving, gathering momentum, a story of your life really :) 

Interior Styling

Creating a room takes time, allow yourself to try different items, looks and colours. Use a rug, artwork, cushion, light fitting, view or object to inspire you and provide a starting point to your room. Retire and store items seasonally or if you are a little tired of them and re-introduce later to refresh your home.

Still stuck? Ask us for guidance ... we customize all our work to suit the Client

Winter Colour Palette

In our day job as a Colour Consultants we think about colour all day long and sometimes long into the night...    Creating a colour palette for a home is an adventure, exploring different shades and hues that will work together is often a challenge.  After considering the needs of the homeowners and their lifestyle we also have to think about the precious things within their home that they have collected which tell their story.  But mostly we need to think about how they want to FEEL within their space.  Whether it be a relaxing or inspired space getting it right is crucial.  Below is an colour palette pulled from the picture that inspired it.  Do you have an image that you love that could inspire colours for your interior?  And how would you use them?  Perhaps the white for walls, grey for furniture, red/orange as an accent (cushions) and dark brown/grey for flooring?

Monday Mood Board - Bold & Bright Interior Colour

With the arrival of colourful spring blooms our spirits start to lift as we start dreaming of the long warm days of summer to come.  We start to think about freshening up our homes and perhaps adding some bold and bright colour to our interiors to match our mood.  

However you add bright colour to your homes, whether it be paint, wallpaper, rugs, art, cushions or even flowers you've got to admit it gets the pulse racing and puts a smile on your face :-)

Interior Colour - Bright Bold and Beautiful

The thought of painting your interior a bright bold colour may scare you silly.  It's a lot safer to paint your walls white and add colour through furniture and accessories but taking the plunge and painting walls in a bright hue can add some major wow factor to your home.

image via decoist.com

image via decoist.com

Colour has both symbolic and cultural meaning.  For example, blue can make us feel sad or calm depending on the shade.  Yellow in the animal kingdom represents danger.  White in China is the colour of death and mourning whereas in western culture it is the colour of purity, peace and cleanliness.  

Contrasting fresh white with a bright colour can help to 'calm it down' a little and provide a place for the eye to rest.  Rustic touches also help to tone down the colour and provides a bit of texture to contrast with the sharpness of the hue.

image via apartmenttherapy.com

image via apartmenttherapy.com

Go tone on tone or use a complimentary colour to give your walls the WOW factor!

Here are 5 bold colours you might like to take a gamble on, and remember - it's only paint... you can go over the top with another colour when you tire of it!

Choosing the best exterior white paint

Growing up I remember a lot of house exteriors were white or shades of - plain, simple and easy.  As time has gone on it's a little harder to find white house exteriors.  Now that we have so much choice of colour, and we have grown a little braver with our colour choices there just aren't so many white exteriors around any more.  In part it may be because there are so many whites out there now it's become too hard to choose so we have done the hard work for you by choosing our 5 favourite exterior white paint colours!

image via Bethlee Photography

image via Bethlee Photography

White is still a lovely choice for an exterior.  It suits most styles of architecture from classic to ultra modern, country and coastal but we just seem to have forgotten about it.  When paired with contrasting trim and lush greenery it has a clean fresh feel.

Our favourite 5 exterior whites are:

  • Dulux Beige Royal
  • Murobond Badger 50%
  • Colorbond Surfmist
  • Taubmans Pebble Bay 1/4 
  • Murobond Raw Earth 25%

Here are some images to inspire...

image via rsassoc

image via rsassoc

image via elle.es  (even the pig matches the colour scheme)

image via elle.es  (even the pig matches the colour scheme)

image via homeadore.com

image via homeadore.com

image via Ricardo Agraz 

image via Ricardo Agraz 

image via theultralinx.com

image via theultralinx.com