Basil Bangs - Umbrella Envy

I have to confess my current obsession - Basil Bangs digital print sun umbrellas...

Love the bold 'Pixel' print above but also adore the 'Calypso' below.


'Mr Huckabee' with it's green and blue parrot print is just delightful...

mr huckabee basil.jpg

Then theres the 'Princess and the Pea loves Paisley' (so do I actually)

princess and the pea loves paisley basil.jpg

Love the 'Collaboration with Missoni'

missoni basil.jpg

'Kaleidoscope' is quite similar to the 'Pixel'

basil kaleidoscope.jpg

But my absolute favourite is 'The Shrubbery' - got to have it!

the shrubbery basil bangs.jpg

Though I'm thinking 'The Hideaway' could be in with a chance!

the hideaway

And there's always the 'Partly Cloudy' with it's delicious palette of reds...

partly cloudy basil.jpg

It's just so hard to choose only 1 don't you think? So which one is going home with you?