Getting Educated - Sustainable Paint

I am going to admit that I find this area is a bit of a minefield. So many companies 'use' words such as environment, clean choice, they have stamps of accreditation on the side of their product that you're not familiar with .... and it goes on. Don't you agree? You think 'approved by who'?  It's the same with food unless you've grown you're own - but that's another story.

So cut to it .... What is sustainable paint? Well for starters it is not excy like you think it may be .... and as Daniel, from The Green Building Institute , told me 'your labour will be the most expensive part of your job' - of course it is!

➕ In Australia it will be certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia our leading certifier of environmentally preferable goods and services

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 2.13.36 pm.png

➕ The above accreditation ensures the buyer that the paint has met environmental, human health and ethical impact criteria

GECA’s Paints and Coatings standard includes criteria that address:

  •    Fitness for purpose
  •    VOCs
  •    The use of energy intensive ingredients
  •    Ozone depleting substances
  •    The use of toxic ingredients
  •    Heavy metals
  •    The use of ingredients toxic to humans or aquatic life
  •    Packaging
  •    Waste minimisation

➕ What I found really interesting is the 'whole' process is assessed .... ie the whole life cycle of the product is analysed.  Water emissions are responsibly managed, there are no ozone-depleting substances & waste generation is minimised (that's a biggy)

So I will admit to still being a student (aren't we all) ..... I've learnt a lot but have so much more to learn. I'll be reading and self-teaching from here but below is my certificate just to prove I'm on the right track

Credit : Information sourced from The Green Building Institute, Good Environmental Choice Australia, Rockcote & Astec Paints