Selling your Home

BOOM and the boom is over - or is it? How 'well' you sell will depend a lot on you

According to the Sydney Morning Herald,  Domain Section February 26/27th there are 6 steps to selling in 2016. Oh and they all begin with 'P'

Pricing - my comments - get realistic! Do some basic research. Look at what has sold in your street, your neighbourhood, your area. You may keep your home 'neat as a pin' but if it's 30 years old and has never been renovated then this is a future cost for the buyer to factor in.  What has your place got that entices buyers? Have you got an edge? How does it compare to others in your area and price range? 

Presentation - my comments - use paint. It's cheap and freshens up better than a cleaning product ;) but you do need to clean and prep first! Below are some all time favourites from Dulux.

Promotion - my comments - pick an agent that suits your home ie if they sell farms don't use them for your town duplex. Pick an agent in your area with a great reputation who knows your market. They will then target & promote to the right people.

Photography - my comments - don't deceive. Yes make it look pretty but don't manipulate all the colours on the spectrum & use lenses to make the lawn look huge when it's not... my opinion is that it 'pisses people off' - can I say that?

Placement - my comments - same as promotion really. Is the home for a retired couple or frantic family of 6? Decide who your buyer are and aim your property at the right target market.  Prepare and style it for them, make it so attractive that they can imagine themselves living there.

Potential - my comments - don't put a shit hot kitchen (can I say that?) in a ho hum house! REINSW President John Cunningham states 'If something is under-done, half done or partially done, then that can lead to a massive discount on your house' BUT 'If it's 90% untouched, leave it - people can see potential and love a blank canvas'. Sometimes a spruce up is all you need.

We have packages that can help you sell your house - look on our website, email or call us - could be easier than you think ;)