Paper Couture by Jo Neville

On a recent trip to Murobond HQ in Artarmon I was lucky enough to revel in the beauty of Jo Neville's paper art studio 'Paper Couture'.

Located at the back of Murobond's Showroom in Dickinson Street you will find the serene space where Jo works her magic.  Accessing it down a long corridor decorated with floral fancies made of paper is like wandering through a magic forest, you feel like you are in a fairy tale!

Jo started her career as a Graphic Designer back in the days when everything was done by hand - no computer manipulation in those days!  As times changed and the world started to become hungry for things bespoke and handmade Jo started to uncover the whimsical and wonderful world of paper sculpture.

Having a circle of creative stylists to call friends, Jo was first on their list to call when the unusual was needed for a project or photo shoot and it kind of went from there.

She creates boats, flowers, clothing - anything you want really!  The depth and texture draws you in to each sculpture and your imagination becomes alight with the possibilities of what you could do with paper.  It is really really clever.

Jo's paper creations appear at Bridal Fairs, Race Days, Restaurants, Book Launches and Weddings.  We love how Jo has created a paper life that's perfect for her.