Knock Knock - More Black

Every now and then you'll see something and say 'I love that' BUT you may not be able to 'have it'. Getting inspired by what you love sometimes can turn your oldd things into something to treasure again


So with a door knocker, can of ESP, black spray paint & some spare time I got to work

It's a bit basic but you do need to clean the surface. This brass lion was dusty so I used a toothbrush & a dry cloth to wipe him over. Then with a brush (can use a rag) I applied a coat of ESP - which as the can says dries in 90 minutes. This will help the bonding process. It's brilliant stuff - use it if you are painting tiles

Next step is the spraying. I was outside (not good on a breezy day) ... and away from the house.   My chosen can is in the photo below - I'm sure there's a few to choose from but do ask at the hardware for a spray that wants to stick to plastic, metal, wicker etc so as to use it on more than one project

I choose to spray on a piece of old carpet ... the spray does not 'run' & it's just a nice soft surface 

Ta daa ... very happy with the finished product

Next project .... front door knob