Dyeing to Weave in Milton

'Dyeing to Weave' is the name of Susan Curran's 3 day Workshops. I'd love to say that I have embraced the slow movement (it's so hip right now) but I am just not ready for it. I love creating in a day, the thrill of the 'ta da look what I just made'  .... hence I signed up for the dyeing not the weaving (there's always one that bucks the system!).  The dyeing took place at 'The Bunyas', Susan's home along with husband Gary, Mother Joy and the dogs.  Set on nearly 3 acres their home is the original 1896 Burrill Lake Schoolmaster's residence ~ LOVED all of it. I'm not going to talk you through what we did it (coz I'm not the expert) but rather show you pics of some of the 'goings on'.

Susan is a kind, patient teacher with so much knowledge & talent. I find it such a privilege to go to someones home to learn from them about their skill, their art, to be given their knowledge. I was one of a small group of 3 that enjoyed a full day of dyeing including morning tea, lunch & a stroll around the garden. She was such a good sport to allow me to snoop all over taking photos. Susan and her husband Gary own Bunyah Antiques in Milton ..... pop in and say hi