Destination - Burrill Lake

Every now and again you feel like you need to escape - the washing, the bills, (the kids??), day to day boring old routines.  A holiday isn't necessary, just a brief change of scenery and the opportunity to explore somewhere new and re-charge your internal battery so you can come home refreshed, renewed and ready for a fresh new day...

Burrill Lake is one such place.  It's a little sanctuary down the coast about 5 minutes south of Ulladulla.  I had the opportunity to check it out a little while ago when friends rented a holiday house on the lake for a weekend.

And I mean ON THE LAKE!  Seriously you could just wade into the tide from the back lawn - awesome!

The views over the lake were just stunning and we had a couple of cheeky visitors while we were outside in the sun enjoying lunch...

You can take a walk over the estuary bridge towards the ocean, so peaceful and serene.

I really loved exploring and enjoying nature in this tiny place, it was a lovely way to unwind and prepare for a busy week ahead.  It could just be the perfect place for a little Autumn retreat!