Paying for a Colour Consultation

People don't like to pay for a Colour Consultation .... it's true. Overall people think it's expensive (without really knowing), it's easy or that they can wing it. I know of a couple who liked pale blue (I have changed the colour so they can remain anonymous but it was equally hideous)  so that is what they painted their house ..... their shed, their garden benches and their outdoor entertaining area. YEP they loved it so it went everywhere. Then they tried to sell their house and no-one was interested ..... well ..... it's coz it was hideous. I'm reading over this now thinking 'can I say that' ... well I reckon I can. Get some help if you're unsure .... the cost is teeny tiny compared to the labour involved in painting your house. 

I am not expensive, I listen to the Client and I take a thorough brief. I look at the orientation of your home, I take into consideration the natural light, your neighbour's homes and your neighbourhood. I am thoughtful in my colour specifications ... sometimes my head hurts thinking about it.

I don't specify colours over the phone, I don't specify colours online, I don't do 'off the top of my head' ➕ I don't make it up. 

Below is a pie graph (clever!) This was created with the financial costings associated with the painting of our home. Our home is brick with mostly windows so there was a lot of wooden trim to paint then there was a garage door & a shed (we did not paint the brick). The painting quote was standard, the paint was Murobond and I did not charge myself for my services BUT if I did it would have been the green slither that is the smallest on the pie chart. So what do you think? It's peanuts really to get it right. Love my job x