Book Alert - Absolutely Beautiful Things

We have long admired Anna Spiro's style of decorating and her fearless use of bold bright colour. Absolutely Beautiful Things is a book full of just that.  Interiors that sing to our decorator souls with a delicious symphony of colour.

Anna's interiors usually begin with a background of fresh white often complimented with her beautiful wallpaper and layered with bright coloured fluid watercolour cushions and accessories.  

The interior above has a modern chinoiserie style, the contrasting colours and patterns give it an energetic modern feel while the room below is a contrast in styles

Anna's shop 'Black & Spiro' in Brisbane is a haven for any decorator hooked on brights.  Notice how the wallpaper inspires colour choices for furniture and accessories below. 

It takes true expertise to pull off the room below, a mixture of colour, texture and pattern - riotous but clever.  White always helps to ground a busy interior and give the eye somewhere to 'rest'.

To make an eclectic colourful room come together you need to be brave, bold and not afraid to experiment a little.  Grab a copy of Absolutely Beautiful Things to help you create a beautiful and original interior for your home - it's on our wish list!!!