What's your App?

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Most of us have a favourite app …. mine would have to be Instagram. But then a gain I do love anything to do with snapping photos. There's so many apps to choose from that can alter your average shot to something more interesting …. or some would say "Take it to another level"


This little chap here has had 'some work done'

This months 'Real Living Magazine' features an article on Victoria Smith, the creative mind behind www.sfgirlbybay.com  who also loves taking photographs. Victoria gives readers the tip that VSCO Cam is a great app with loads of features and filters. It was of course downloaded instantly!  

Others to check out are ...

  • Picture Show
  • Hipstamatic
  • Diptic
  • MagicHour
  • Graffiti Me!
  • Pic Collage