Berry Garden Festival Schedule

This is a favourite for home makers, garden dwellers and the general sticky-beak. If you fancy a wander around some gardens in Berry + the surrounds this is the event for you ;) 8 beautiful gardens are open to the public for $5 per garden or $20 for all 8 with all money going to local charities + not-for-profit. 

Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th October 10am to 4pm

14 Kentia Crescent, Berry

“The Schoolhouse” 23 Boundary Road, Broughton Vale

2 Brogers Creek Road, Woodhill

160 Beach Road, Berry

27 Prince Alfred Street, Berry

39 Clarence Street, Berry

1360 Bolong Road, Coolangatta

”Corymbia” 99 Edward Wollstonecraft Lane, Coolangatta

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 4.00.57 pm.png

For a comprehensive list of details Berry & District Garden Club   too easy ;)

Paying for a Colour Consultation

People don't like to pay for a Colour Consultation .... it's true. Overall people think it's expensive (without really knowing), it's easy or that they can wing it. I know of a couple who liked pale blue (I have changed the colour so they can remain anonymous but it was equally hideous)  so that is what they painted their house ..... their shed, their garden benches and their outdoor entertaining area. YEP they loved it so it went everywhere. Then they tried to sell their house and no-one was interested ..... well ..... it's coz it was hideous. I'm reading over this now thinking 'can I say that' ... well I reckon I can. Get some help if you're unsure .... the cost is teeny tiny compared to the labour involved in painting your house. 

I am not expensive, I listen to the Client and I take a thorough brief. I look at the orientation of your home, I take into consideration the natural light, your neighbour's homes and your neighbourhood. I am thoughtful in my colour specifications ... sometimes my head hurts thinking about it.

I don't specify colours over the phone, I don't specify colours online, I don't do 'off the top of my head' ➕ I don't make it up. 

Below is a pie graph (clever!) This was created with the financial costings associated with the painting of our home. Our home is brick with mostly windows so there was a lot of wooden trim to paint then there was a garage door & a shed (we did not paint the brick). The painting quote was standard, the paint was Murobond and I did not charge myself for my services BUT if I did it would have been the green slither that is the smallest on the pie chart. So what do you think? It's peanuts really to get it right. Love my job x

Base Paint

Take note .... Paint manufacturers have different base paints, then there are a range of bases generally 1 to 4 , then each manufacturer will vary the ingredients within their paint. So if you love a colour from 'UNREAL Paints' DO NOT get it made up by 'SUPER Paints'.

See the image below for variance in colour using different base paints .... uugghh. Just one coat of each and you can see the difference.   


The Cost of Paint

Peeps freak out at the cost of paint. The BIGGEST cost in painting your home comes from the labour. Do your research when you are choosing your paint. Think about where in the world it is made, the footprint of manufacturing, the size of the company, how the staff are treated, the consistency, the coverage, the colours offered, the smell (!) Below are prices of Low Sheen paint as seen on relevant websites 30th May 2017

Dulux Vivid White

4 Litres $71.90

British Paints Love Note

4 Litres $64

Murobond Alabaster

4 Litres $116

Porters White Pepper

4 Litres $97

In the Library

Dwell's Library {always expanding}

So why does anyone buy a book. You like the Author? The writing is easy to read & informative? It's relevant? The cover is pretty? The photographs 'get you'!  It looks good on the coffee table? It's overall aesthetically pleasing .... Um yep, CHECK. 

Get yourself a book .... read don't scroll ;)

Saffron Inspired

Sometimes a colour stays with me for days. Saffron is one of them. What a fabulous colour ..... pairs beautifully with shades of browns and dark greys. This week is dedicated to Saffron thanks to a Client who saw the colour in  previous blog. It's not everywhere which makes it even more desirable.

The Teenager's Retreat

Fussing on the kid's bedrooms starts with the nursery .... goes on through the pre-school & primary school years and then takes an ugly turn for the teenage years! This does not have to happen if you are a constant rearranger/decorator {I am} therefore boy wonder is not surprised to come home to a clean, rearranged room with a different colour scheme/wallpaper or mountain peaks painted on the walls. Start early then they should not object (too much) in those ugly hormonal years. Having said that I did nearly break my back moving furntiure to then have Mr 9 come home a few years back and have an anxiety attack about the bed placement {unable to see out the door} & then had to undo my work ;(

Then they get to an age where they (or you) want to see less of each other .... let's welcome the teenage retreat. Wall below by by Pick a Wall - adhesive wallpaper - YIP. Other items not difficult to find if you get my drift.  

British Colonial Style

Dwell has always adored the British Colonial style of decorating and when the phone rang with a client needing help to pull this look together in their dream home I jumped at the chance.

There is so much to love about the British Colonial look.  It is relaxed, slightly eccentric and very elegant.  It brings relaxed Island style and formal British style together in a beautiful mix of era and design.

The colour palette is neutral but comes alive with texture, pattern and lots of greenery - think bringing the outdoors in.

Due to it breezy relaxed style British Colonial suits the location we live in here on the South Coast and the Illawarra.

We love the resurgence of bold wallpapers with botanic prints (like The Great Shalimar by Bethany Linz above) and murals as well as beautifully textured grasscloth wallpaper (another blog to follow on this) that provide interest and drama in these homes.

Typically floors are dark, walls are light, window trimmings are either plantation shutters or extra long gauzy sheer curtains.  Ceiling fans prevail and furniture is often vintage or antique, traditional and dark.  Cane and timber soften these interiors as do large rugs - sisal is good, so are antique rugs and animal hides.

Most of all it's the elegant, relaxed calm and breezy feeling these homes have.

Add a little Pantone Greenery

So Greenery might be the colour of the year but how do I add it I hear you cry! Well, in your furnishings such as a green velvet lounge, in your homewares such as cushions or throws, adding a coloured vases to the table, paint a wall, paint your front door or as listed below hang wallpaper. All images below are from Australian based wallpaper specialist Eurowalls.   

One of my Favourites - Eccentric Homes


I wonder if my most recent + again renewed interest in bohemian & eccentric styling in homes stems from a rebellion against main stream, commercialism, Scandi and trends. We've seen a whole array of deer heads recently .... paper ones, cardboard ones, wooden ones and before that we had owls, flamingoes & pineapples - lol that was fun to write!

So here's an addition to Dwell's Library, 'ECCENTRIC HOMES' .... by the way this style is one that you cannot go out and create in a flash. It's ever evolving, gathering momentum, a story of your life really :) 

Neutral but nice...

As much as Dwell LOVES colour we also find serenity in a neutral palette.  How calming and yet interesting is the room below?  This is a beautiful and eclectic mix of items, the shell chandelier, organic table, french linen arm chair and country pot with flowers.  The wall treatment is also quite lovely, almost a whitewash effect which gives depth to the wall surface.

image via

image via

The room below is so simple in its colour palette and the introduction of timber, paper and cane give it softness and warmth.

image via

image via

This fabulous room is cool, clean and sophisticated.  Again softness is introduced by adding fur cushions and bringing nature into the space provides a clever colour accent that can be changed season by season as your garden (or florist) allows.

image via

image via

Another simple palette and are you sensing a trend??? Yep, more fur - kinda feeling the love aren't ya?  It also lends a scandi touch to the space.  So much contrast here, rustic table, mid-century designed chairs, textured wall art, modern lamp all against a pure white backdrop.

image via

image via

More fur, more timber, more green - it just works!

image via

image via

And again - you get where I'm going with this right? Can't help myself, I can just imagine the snow piling up outside, a roaring fire and a glass of red… but maybe not near the sofa.

image via

image via

But if you live in a warmer climate the following image may be more to your taste.  Such a peaceful place to relax, I can feel the balmy summer breeze dancing over my skin… the only thing missing - a cool refreshing glass of Sangria...

image via

image via

And if you are wondering where to find gorgeous neutral and earthy homewares you can't go past Verandah Interiors - yes I know they are in Brisbane but locally you could try Deer Willow in Kiama or Haven & Space Berry.

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